Friday, November 5, 2010

Gotcha Day Fund For Jax!

This is one of those opportunities that I always hope for, the chance to help someone adopt. My friends Elizabeth and Jeremy are already the most amazing parents to their son Jax. He is their child.
There is this little thing (of huge importance) called a final hearing. Elizabeth and Jeremy have been waiting a very long time for theirs. It is the day that they will call Gotcha Day for their cherished son, Jax.
In order to make this happen they need to raise some funds! They need $5000 by the 28th of November to make this happen. Please consider giving. Even a few bucks will make a difference and help them achieve their goal.
Feel free to share this link on Facebook and pass along to your friends and loved ones.

(This is a post that is also on my other blog My hope is to reach everyone I know and that they will pass it along too).

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