Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Next Round of Freezer Cooking

This last week I made some freezer meals and it was a bit challenging. I am on a very restrictive diet for detox for another 2 weeks so finding recipes that I could eat was difficult. I wanted to still have the wonderful feeling of all the major prep work for meal time done in advance, but really didn't know what to make with my limited diet and this is what I came up with:

  • Spicy Red Beans served with rice and salad (bread for the kids and DH)
  • 2 batches Almond Crusted Salmon served with mashed sweet potatoes and roasted kale
  • 2 batches Homemade Fish Sticks (this on is one that I will not be able to eat but the kids and DH can)
  • Baja Tilapia Tacos (I can eat the grilled fish and DH and the kids can eat them as tacos)
  • 2 batches Mango BBQ Chicken Thighs ( I had to edit my recipe to leave out the sugar, it still tastes great!) served with rice and roasted green beans
  • Roasted Butternut Squash, Black-eyed Pea and Wild Mushroom Soup served with cheese and crackers, fruit and hot cider (I cannot eat cheese and crackers but the kids will like this and it will be a lovely cool evening meal)
  • 2 batches Arroz Con Pollo served with peas and cuban bread for the kids and DH ( used boneless breasts and thighs this time around for more kid friendly meal. I also substituted apple juice for wine.)
  • One batch of pancake mix for the pantry
  • One batch of waffles for the freezer (for the kids breakfasts)
  • Double batch of mashed potatoes with chicken stock instead of milk and EVOO instead of butter
  • Batch of "French Fries"

Recipes for Spicy Beans, Almond Crusted Salmon, Baja Tilapia Tacos and Roasted Butternut Squash, Black-eyed Pea and Wild Mushroom Soup coming SOON!

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