Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~Sophia's Third Birthday~
We had a great time this weekend celebrating my youngest turning three! I can't believe that my tiny little baby with bruises on her hands from IV's and weight to gain is so big and grown!

Sophia loves Princess and the Frog. She asked for a party with Tiana and I was thrilled to plan it. We did a "Mardi Gras" party with Tiana and Frogs. The menu was Jambalaya, Beignets , Muffuleta's, fresh fruit, fresh veggies with ranch dip, chips, "Pigs in a blanket", Juicy Juice boxes, Soda, Froggie Punch (Just 7-Up and green shorbet), Blueberry Beer and Shocktops (for the grown ups!).

We did "Leaping Lilly Pads" which was a version of musical chairs. The kids played instruments and danced until the music stopped to find a lilly pad to stand on. We made Mardi Gras Masks with foam stickers, rhinestones and feathers. The favors were exploding froggie soaps, stickers, Tiana fruit snacks, a Tiana pencil and lolly pop.

The party went well although I was running late getting all the food ready. I had been up till 3:30 that morning working on the cake and last minute prep. Seems that I am crazy and decided to landscape the front yard before the party the day before. That turned out great by the way...here are some pictures:

Now we are still cleaning up feathers and beads from the house. I imagine that it will take a few more days to get back to reality after party prep mode. Sophia is enjoying all of her new toys included Barbies and a Barbie Car! She loves that car. She has also not stopped wearing her collection of Princess Silly Bandz that Ms. Rebecca gave her.

So Gratefull that I am her mommy and get to do all of these things with her. Sophia is a precious gift. She's so sweet and loveable and I cannot wait to see all the amazing things she will do and become!
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