Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Balsamic Reduction Grilled Salmon

This recipe is so amazingly good and simple to prepair. I'm sure the Balsamic glaze could be used for a number of proteins, perhaps tofu? Serve with a simple side like roasted asparagus or a delicious salad. This dish pairs really well with Pinot Grigio.

Serves 2
Grilled Salmon:
2 thick fillets of salmon
salt and pepper
Balsamic Reduction (recipe follows)

Season the fillets with salt and pepper and brush grill with EVOO. Cook over very hot heat either in a grill pan or ouside on the BBQ. Cook about 3 minutes then turn, add glaze to cooked side and cook about 3 minutes more. Turn onto plate and glaze the other side.

Balsamic Reduction:

In a small saucepan heat about 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar over med. heat. Add chopped fresh rosemarry (about a heaping tbs. of fresh chopped rosemerry) and 2 cloves garlic, minced. Cook down stirring frequently until about half of liquid remains. Add 1 tbs honey and 2 tbs of unsalted butter. Wisk well and remove from heat. Use quickly to avoid "sticky" glaze.

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  1. this looks great. we just had salmon last night with a honey mustard sauce with quinoa and sugar snap peas for sides. i will use this recipe, because we are doing salmon now at least once a week. thanks for sharing


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