Wednesday, July 28, 2010

San Diego, Comic Con and Hash House A Go Go

Just returned from a lovely trip with my DH and friends. We went to the 2010 Comic Con in San Diego. Not maybe the vacation I would have picked on my own but we had a blast and I actually really want to go back again soon. San Diego was amazingly pretty with perfect weather and pretty trees and flowers everywhere we went. Gas Lamp was really cool and had many options for dinning and fun.

Because the weather was so amazing we loved to walk around Gas Lamp in between our celeb panels and people watching. My what things we saw. First of all we saw so many celebrities there that I can't get them all straight in my head. Luckily we have pictures to sort through and remember. The panels were fun and the waiting in lines was an experience as well. Many different types of people were there and we enjoyed talking with strangers in lines and hanging out with our friends. I was waiting in line with the guy who created a game on DH's phone. He designs games for Glu. It was kind of funny when he asked DH what he was playing and his face lit up like a proud daddy. We also waited in line with "John" who is a researcher for movies and television. He happened to have a lot of "facts" to share.

My favorite day was the day we went to Balboa Park and Hash House A Go Go. First we grabbed a bite at Hash House. Monster bite more like it. Wow, that place has HUGE portions and had we known we would have split something and STILL had leftovers. The food and drinks were amazingly good and the vibe was really cool there. I couldn't help but notice that every single person there was skinny and I'm really curious how they can eat there and work there and be so darn skinny. I think DH and I left 3/4 of the food still on our plates and our conscience was heavy letting the rest go to waste as we made our way over to Balboa Park.

Balboa Park was lovely. We went to two Museums and had a nice walk through some of the gardens. There were little girls with little jars of water colors painting pictures of the coy fish in the ponds. There was a young lady coloring a canvas with pastels sitting on the bench. The zoo was around the corner but we didn't have the time to visit. Next time we will make time for the zoo and for the Cove.

Out of all of the things we did in San Diego only one wasn't really "great". This was the Masquerade which is essentially a costume contest. It was rather boring and since we had seen so many cool and scary costumes already over the whole weekend there wasn't anything there worth the very long wait in line. Also, I ended up losing my phone that night which made us have to go back to find it the next morning instead of going to the Cove like we wanted. I heard from my newly engaged friends (yes, he proposed in San Diego) that it is a must see. All around a really wonderful time.

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