Friday, August 20, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Seeing our daughter by ourselves for the first time.
Michael meeting his new sister.
Sophia sleeping in her favorite spot. Such a Snuggle Bunny like her Momma.

Tony holding our son for the first time.
Getting ready to take our son home!
I was in love at first sight.
It's amazing that in that moment I became a mom.

It seems like yesterday I was meeting my son for the very first time. I had waited to be a mom for several painful years and I was never happier than in that moment when I first saw his face and realized that he was my son. Now he is getting ready for his first days of school and I am in awe of how quickly the time is going by. These are the moments that make life. When I tire of the normal activities of my day, when I get stressed out and worry about my future, when I am down...all it takes is looking through these pictures to make me feel like the luckiest most blessed woman in the world. My children were in my heart far before they were in my life, but that first moment of holding, seeing, feeling their breath...I will cherish those moments forever.

1 comment:

  1. So sweet Sarah! I love sharing in your life and their lives. You are blessed. I love you!


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